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Custom Swimming Pools In Geogetown Texas

Build The Pool Of Your Dreams With Us

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Building a custom swimming pool for your backyard is easy and we promise to build something you will love. Our staff will help you sketch out your dream pool. We have special 3-D technically that can customize your swimming pool according to your landscape.

This step is very important to any custom swimming pool design. We are upfront about any structural limitations due to property layout. The majority of our clients have unique landscapes, therefore most of our swimming pool builds are custom. Once you’ve finalized your custom swimming pool, our special software will provide a detailed structure of how your pool will look.

We encourage you to get as specific as you like

We offer several unique options such as geometric pools, led lighting, and even the ability to build a fireplace right next to your swimming pool or spa.

Your options are never limited with us!

Why Choose Us Custom Swimming Pools In Geogetown Texas?

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The very first concern most clients have for custom build is price and time. No problem, thats totally understandable. That’s actually a focus for us as well. Which is why we keep you involved during each step of your customary swimming pool build. The objective is to make sure your comfortable every step of the way.

Let us build your dream swimming pool

There are tons of horror stories on Google of custom swimming pools being built by home owners or even property managers. We don’t want this to be you, come in for a simple risk-free consultation to learn how we can make a custom swimming pool for you. Find out how much easier it is to trust a premier swimming pool company. Not to mention a very knowledge company as well. At Legacy Pools and Spas we are confident in our ability and craftsmanship.

We can customize any remodeled swimming pool

There is no limits to our abilities, each customization is special. Our clients usually want to customize according to


Eco-friendly Options

Lifestyle (Family/Entertainment)


We are proud to provide these customary features to each and every client. Your satisfaction is important to us and we promise to make your experience the best. Call Us now to start working on your custom swimming pool.