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Hot Tub And Spa Company In Austin Texas

Quality and Reliability Matters To Us Too

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You can trust Legacy Pools and Spa as your Hot Tub And Spa Company In Austin Texas. We are the perfect blend of high-quality and performance. From our customer service to our hot tubs and spas, we deliver the best quality in all aspects. We are proud to have customers that rely on us to be trustworthy and efficient. Want proof? Check out our reviews online.

"My husband are in the early stages of the pool process and wanted to share our experience thus far working with Legacy Pools. During our initial meeting, Legacy Pools was extremely thorough. They took the time to understand what was important to my family, how we wanted to utilize our outdoor space, what our design style was and the budget we wanted to stay within. Within a few days..."(Read More)

Why Choose Us For Hot Tub And Spa Company In Austin Texas?

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We realize that every company has it's own standards. However, our standards are not only created by our specialist but also designed by our clients because we listen closely to your wants and needs.  Our customers love that we have:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Seamless buying and installation processes
  • Thorough Information 
  • Dedicated Staff 
  • Quick response time
  • And Much More!

Therefore, cut out the stress of the unknown and put your trust in a company that cares. As a hot tub and spa company, it's our duty to provide you with quality service and quality products. At Legacy Pools and Spas, we have highly functional hot tubs and spas fit for your liking. From dual power jets, plenty of seating, and space to move easily. Because  your comfort is our priority. 

Our hot tubs and spas are energy efficient 

We precisely designed our tubs to be efficient, from our water systems to our pumps. Every part of our hot tubs work together for excellent performance and longevity. We have expert technicians  ready to talk about your perfect hot tub and spa setup. 

If you want a hot tub and spa company thats reliable and timely, chose Legacy Pools and Spas as your hot tub and spa company.