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Swimming Pool Company In Georgetown Texas

A Reliable Company You Can Believe In

A large swimming pool with a spa that was built by legacy pools and spas a swimming pool company in georgetown texas

You can feel secure in choosing us as your Swimming Pool Company In Georgetown Texas. We are reliable throughout the entire process, from design to completion, we are here to give you the pool of your dreams.

Our staff of technicians are qualified and well trained to build the swimming pool you want. We know there are several swimming pool companies to choose from but finding a reliable company isn’t as easy. We are reliable for any swimming pool build you want, and best of all our process is seamless all the way through. How? Well, we’ve established several core values:

-We create a zero pressure environment

-Our price points are clearly stated and carefully reviewed

-We believe in sustainability and longevity in our products and service

-Legacy has an excellent rating for timeliness during the build process

-Our team is quick and hands-on during any troubleshooting

-At our core we proud ourselves on effective communication

As you can tell our values are very specific to our industry because we have studied our clients and the industry to learn how to effectively deliver a product.

We are pleased to serve as your premiere swimming pool company in Georgetown Texas.

Why Choose Us As Your Swimming Pool Company In Georgetown Texas?

three backyard pools by legacy pools and spas a swimming pool company in georgetown texas

When you choose Legacy Pools and Spas as your swimming pool company in Georgetown Texas, your choosing a trustworthy and competent company. Our information is transparent and all your questions will be answered on time and efficiently. The entire Legacy staff ,from our consultants to the builders, are excellent at customer service and very knowledgable.

We believe in providing the best service every step of the way

Building a pool and getting quality service may seem unlikely, but we have established both and our customers can tell you better than we can. Lisa form Rock Round Texas was highly satisfied.

“I can highly recommend Legacy Pools! My backyard design and refurbish was beautiful. They were very conscientious in working on the design and construction of our project. They paid special attention to protecting our property and assured that anything disturbed on the property was restored to its original state when the project was completed. They were in constant contact throughout the project and kept us updated on schedule and completion regularly. Warranty work was completed very quickly and much to our satisfaction. A pleasure to work with this company.”