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Swimming Pool Consultations In Austin Texas

Consult With Our Professionals On Your New Pool.

picture of a small swimming pool that has a waterfall spa that was built by legacy pools and spas for swimming pool consultations in austin texas

Legacy Pools & Spas provides Swimming Pool Consultations In Austin Texas. We want to help you build the pool of your dreams. Our professionals are trained to engineer a unique pool according to your desires. During our process we will discuss a custom design, build, and maintenance plan just for your pool. 

Our Swimming Consultations Include:

  • Property Inspection
  • Safety Planning
  • Design
  • Permit Permissions
  • Estimates and Scheduling 
  • Installation Options
  • Maintenance Options

Understanding the installation process can be confusing. Which is why we carefully walk you through each step. During your inspection we make sure that your pool build follows the state codes accordingly. Because we also realize that having an energy efficient pool is important, you can count on us to make this possible. Most importantly, at Legacy Pools & Spa, we take care the details.  Just click here to call us now.


Why Choose Us For Swimming Pool Consultations In Austin Texas?

picture of 3 residential pools next to each other that were built by legacy pools and spas for swimming pool consultations in austin texas

Rather your building a commercial or residential pool you can trust our experts to provide you with the proper information to build a your custom pool.  We offer advice during all consultations. Including, supplying you with prevention maintenance advice, government regulation information and much more. Therefore, we provide you with the most reliable inspection and consulting service.

With Legacy Your Home Pool Consultation Is Easy And Efficient. 

At Legacy we prioritize efficient processes. Which is why during our consultation we carefully evaluate your needs. Such as your design preference, we offer various features you may be interested in such as special pumps, diving boards, water and light features.  

Making the right decision for your design is important,

Which we why we create a pressure-free zone during our consultations. We allow you to experience your design through a 3-D design. 

After determining a design structure our property inspection begins. During your property evaluation our staff will determine the safest construction method. We take in consideration your landscape and overall property setup. Your property elevation plays a major role in the overall layout of your pool.

Because your safety is our top priority, we are diligent about this step

After a proper evaluation and approval of the 3-D design layout, the building begins. During this process we are diligent in caring for your property. Pool building is unique and the building process is unique to each plot of land. The size of your pool and landscape weigh heavily on our approach. but regardless of size, our promise is safety, timeliness, and efficiency. 

During your consultation we determine a comfortable timeframe based on the complexity of your pool build. All timeframe decisions are made based off the complexity of your chosen build and property inspection.

Caring for a new pool can be tricky

So we make sure to provide instructions on how to properly care for your pool. We also provide after care if pool maintenance is too much of a hassle. At Legacy Pools and Spa, we are here to make your experience the best. 

With every step of designing and building your dream pool we promise professionalism and accuracy.