Swimming Pool Features: Slides, Waterfalls, and More. (They Look Great)
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Swimming Pool Features

Slides, Waterfalls, and More.

picture of a commercial pool that was built inside by legacy pools and spas of austin texas

Swimming pool features can really make your pool stand apart from the rest. From different features like a beautiful pool waterfall, to an awesome water slide, swimming pool features can really give your pool that flavor you're looking for.

Therefore if you know the different swimming pool features you would like to have on your dream pool just give us a call to start your pool. Also, we would love to help you with any questions! Just click here to call us now.

Why Choose Us To Build Your Swimming Pool?

picture of 3 different commercial pools that were built by legacy pools and spa

When you're going to start building your swimming pool and the different features you can have there are many things to consider. I mean, think about it...

  • Will your pool builder know how to actually build your swimming pool slide the way you want it?
  • Is your home/business going to be a construction zone waiting for your pool to be finished?
  • Does your pool builder have services to properly take care of your pool after it's installed?
  • Will your pool builder sit down and give you a 3-D design of your pool?

With Legacy Your Swimming Pool Won't Be A Headache.

But when it comes to our team you will never have to worry about any of this. That is because our experienced team knows exactly how to properly plan, build, and maintain your swimming pool.

First, an expert pool consultant will give you a detailed explanation about the entire pool building process. Along with that, he will examine where the pool will be place, and understand exactly how the job will be done.

After the initial consultation, a 3-D pool design for your swimming pool will be made. Your pool design will be based off of the original consultation, and can be edited in order to meet your vision.

Once your 3-D design is approved, and all building details are hashed out your pool will start being built. The pool building process varies depending on the size of your pool, and other things, but during your consultation our team will ensure that you understand the time frame that is needed.

After your pool is built, our team will make sure to explain exactly how to care for your new commercial pool. We also provide an after care maintenance service in which our team will properly maintain your pool for you.

Therefore every step of your pool building experience will be a pleasant one. Our team will explain everything along the way, and we will even take care of the after maintenance for you. (It's Really That Simple)