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Gunite/shotcrete Pool Construction

A specialist gunite/shotcrete pump truck is called in for the application of gunite/shotcrete. To shoot gunite/shotcrete, specialty equipment is required to provide high-quality results. We produce a considerably stronger shell with more cement since it is shot dry with water added in at the nozzle.

  • The gunite/shotcrete process isn’t prone to shrinkage cracks like wet mix.
  • The gunite/shotcrete process doesn’t have to be shot within 1 hour.
  • The gunite/shotcrete process doesn’t get cold joints and potential crack spots.
  • The gunite/shotcrete process can net a psi up to 20% higher than wet mix!
  • Gunite/shotcrete is used on the space shuttle launch pad. When NASA used shotcrete, it melted and disintegrated (they’ve done it).

Any worker “with a cheap pump” can do shotcrete, but to do gunite, there is extensive equipment and expense. Professional pool contractors use gunite/shotcrete because of all the advantages and performance. Smaller companies (that try to be “jacks of all trades”) typically use wet mix to save money.

Watch The Gunite/shotcrete Process

Gunite/shotcrete Pool Gallery

Are you looking for design ideas? Our gallery of Gunite/shotcrete Pools will invigorate you and provide you with ideas for your own pool and backyard design. Consider how a Gunite/shotcrete Pool would appear in your own backyard. Start brainstorming ideas by looking through our portfolio of accomplished projects.