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Legacy Pools & Spas, a prominent inground pool and spa builder in Austin, specializes in the design and building of home pools and spas.

Installation of an Inground Pool

You’re not alone if you’ve been pondering constructing an inground pool. More homeowners are considering installing an inground pool in their backyard than ever before. The desire to improve the backyard and create an outdoor living place that the entire family can enjoy has never been higher than it is right now. When choosing a pool builder to do your inground pool installation, look for a business that offers excellent communication, high-quality construction, and completes work on schedule and under budget.

What Is the Price of an Inground Pool?

Pricing ranges depending on access, elevation, scale and scope along with many other factors, with most pools starting in the mid 70’s

Time to build varies depending on the size scale and location of the project and any and all permits and inspections as each project is completely custom.

Why Choose Legacy Pools & Spas for an Inground Pool?

When faced with a large purchase decision such as an outdoor remodelling job of this nature. Building an inground pool is a complicated home improvement project that should be handled by qualified professionals who know how to see around corners and operate within budgetary and time constraints. Homeowners in Austin who want a luxury pool construction experience generally choose us because we deliver the best value for their pool purchase dollar, not because we are the cheapest quote.

How Long Does It Take to Build an Inground Pool?

Most inground pool projects take between 8 and 10 weeks to complete from beginning to end. Weather, permitting, HOA permissions, financing, and other circumstances may cause the timetable to be extended in some cases. We work closely with homeowners, custom home builders, and general contractors to deliver a premium outdoor living product they can be proud of. In most inground pool projects, however, construction takes 8-10 weeks as a general rule.

Selecting the Best Inground Pool

When it comes to inground pools, there are a few distinct styles to pick from. A Gunite inground pool is without a doubt the most popular choice for luxury inground pools. These concrete pools are extremely adaptable and are built to survive for decades. Gunite pools are a high-end product that can be changed into practically any shape and incorporate a variety of high-end materials. While other pool companies may offer vinyl liners or fibreglass pools, Legacy Pools & Spas focuses on providing a high-quality product.