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Design - Swimming Pool & Backyard

You don’t just receive a pool with Legacy Pools & Spas; you get an experienced team of specialists who take joy in bringing your backyard to life. We have the design knowledge and construction know-how to bring your idea to life as veteran pool designers and backyard remodelling pros.

Our Immersive 3D Pool Design Process Brings A Pool Concept To Life

There are no boundaries to what you may do with your pool and landscaping to create the backyard of your dreams. Our in-house landscape designer is committed to transforming your backyard into an oasis, allowing you to enjoy life outside in luxury and flair. We pay attention to our customers’ needs and make recommendations for ideas and solutions based on your particular preferences, the architecture of your home, and your budget.

When designing and discussing your project at Legacy Pools & Spas, we take a step-by-step approach, and we’ve created a Pool & Landscape questionnaire to assist you answer some of the questions that will aid in the planning and implementation of your pool project.

We are not a one-size-fits-all pool company, and we endeavour to make each project unique and personalised for you. From personal experience, we know that what works for one individual may not work for the next.

Step 1: The Pool

What are the backyard dimensions, and what size, shape, and style of pool is suitable for the backyard? The house’s architecture and your unique taste

What is your preferred shape? A smaller plunge pool, perhaps? Symmetrical, (rectangle or circle) Curvilinear (Curves or organic shape)

Step 2: Pool Features

Do you want a fire or a water feature?

Is it possible to automate the pool? Is there a heated pool? Is there a robo-cleaner? Is it possible to use LED lighting?

Maybe a tanning ledge or some swim jets?

Step 3: Pool Location & Surround

Are you concerned about the backyard’s views and privacy? Is it necessary to install privacy screens and fencing?

What is the greatest location for the pool? Is there a requirement for a retaining wall due to a slope or elevation change?

What kind of pool coping do I want, and what kind of pavers do I want to use to surround the pool and patio?

Step 4: Cabanas, structures, and landscaping elements around the pool

Is it necessary to have a pool cabana with a bar window? Another structure to consider is a pavilion with an outdoor fireplace. What about a canopy with LED lighting on a pergola?

We can assist you in the design and construction of a variety of structures for ideal outdoor living environment. If you enjoy cooking, we can design a custom outdoor kitchen for you, complete with a BBQ, pizza oven, and even a draught refrigerator.

Step 5: Estimate the price and scope of a pool and landscape design

After our initial consultation and the completion of the wish list, the designer/representative can provide you with a price for the design fee. The cost will vary based on whether we are just building a pool or designing a whole back yard pool and landscape. It will also differ according to the degree of customization of the pool and landscape features. The plan might be divided into two parts, the first of which is a design concept and the second of which is a thorough working plan. If you accept the design quote, you will be required to sign a design service agreement before the design process can begin.

Our Pool Design Process

Property study and site survey base plan

Our pool design consultant will visit your site and measure the dimensions of your home within two weeks after completing the design services agreement. Our expert¬† designer will examine the property’s elevations, and site images will be taken as well. To ensure authenticity, notes will be taken that will serve as guides for the Designers’ conceptions and renderings. Our staff conducts research on the project site to learn about bylaws, zoning, lot coverage, offsets, and conservation, among other things.

  • Residences, property lines, and existing items that must be preserved are all included in the survey measures (such as trees, structures, etc.).
  • Placement of structures for permit insurance for pools, sheds, and other structures
  • Measurements of altitude (especially important for permit purposes and the pool elevation, decks, multiple sitting areas, etc.).
  • Photographs of the region to be designed on a computer.
  • A 3D scaled design constructed using state of the art rendering software.

The findings help with design discussions and define what can be done on your site.


The designer will complete revisions in preparation for the master plan once any changes have been agreed and confirmed.

  • The final product selection, such as stone and decking materials, has been made.
  • Garden buildings have construction specifics prepared (if necessary).
  • For the final presentation, the master plan is colour rendered.

3D Design

It is only by seeing that one can believe.

This stage aids in the overall visualisation of the project. The site’s surroundings are imitated in this representation to make the presentation as authentic as feasible. Day, evening, and night views will be included in the renderings. It’s a lot of fun to imagine what and how your backyard fantasy would look like at different times of the day. To give the design a feeling of scale, furniture and accessories are added.

Pool Concept Plan

The survey data is then converted into a scaled base plan that depicts dwelling property lines and existing landscape elements.


The creative process begins with:

  • Utilizing design concepts.
  • The landscape designer will go through the concept plan and make any necessary adjustments.
  • At this point, garden buildings can be displayed in three dimensions. (Depends on the design package you’re using.)
  • At this point, you can estimate the cost of building the pool and other landscape features.